Saturday, June 2, 2007

Retainers(h) s(h)ucks(h)!

OK, so kagagaling ko lang sa aking dentista sa Caloocan. Musta naman yun?! I live in the southernmost city of Metro Manila, Muntinlupa City, and I have to go all the way up the region so that I could have my retainers installed. It took me two hours (or so) to get there so that he could fit my retainers for about what, three minutes? I am not saying that I wasted precious time going there because it has its long-term benefits and advantages.

At ngayon? I am suffering from acute speech defect. I am having trouble with s-filled words/phrases/sentences like: Susie Sio (our pharmacology course coordinator) or the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain (from My Fair Lady’s Eliza Doolittle). More like S(h)us(h)ie S(h)o (Sushi! Pagkain?) or the rain in S(h)pain s(h)tays(h) mainly on the plain.

Luckily, I didn’t experience any similar difficulties when I had my braces. Pero ngayon, wow! I sound terrible. That’ll shut me up for a while. Hehehe…

Torture yun ah lalo na for chatterboxes like me.

Mel was teasing me a while ago. “Sige nga, kuya, sabihin mo S.” Of course, I would not let her deride me like that. I was really conscious of my articulation but all efforts were futile. Essshhh… Hehe.

Like I said, this is all for the best. For the meantime, I would have to deal with the likes of Mel.

Retainers(h) s(h)ucks(h)!

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